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Playground accidents cause thousands of injuries yearly

Your child loves going to the playground, and you love the time that experience gives you together. Unfortunately, not all playgrounds are safe. The last time you went to a playground, your child was injured, and now you're trying to find out who can be held liable.

When your child was swinging on the swing set, a chain broke. Your child landed safely, but the chain ended up hitting her in the eye. Now, you're not sure if she will ever see again in that eye, and you need to know that someone will be held accountable.

You can seek noneconomic damages after a crash in Alaska

You were driving in the evening when it happened: Another vehicle crossed the center line and impacted you. You were trapped in your vehicle and needed to be flown to a trauma unit. You spent weeks in the hospital.

After a car accident, you go through a lot. You have to call an attorney to handle your legal case, and you must spend time at the hospital, going through rehabilitation and struggling with pain. Ever since your crash, you've been missing out on things you wanted to do. Even worse is the fact that the crash was not your fault.

What are some facts about children's sports injuries?

A serious sports injury can change your life forever. For children who play sports, staying safe is a priority. Unfortunately, some schools and sports team coaches don't take steps to prevent injuries to children, and that leads to serious problems.

With around 30 million children and teens participating in sports, it's no surprise that there are so many injuries taking place. Each year, around 3.5 million injuries occur. In most cases, the children suffer sprains or strains, which heal over time.

Choosing your personal injury attorney is important to your case

The last thing you remember doing before waking up in the hospital was turning right to head home. You had a green light and the right of way. Despite that, a driver who was not paying attention sped through his red light and struck the back left side of your vehicle.

Your vehicle spun, and it rolled down into a ditch next to the road. The emergency crew used the Jaws of Life to get you out of your vehicle. Now, you're struggling with a brain injury, multiple lacerations and broken bones.

How can you stay safe on a recreational vehicle?

Recreational vehicles can be a lot of fun, but they also have the potential to be dangerous for yourself and your family. These vehicles are often used in the summer months because of the good weather conditions, and that means more people are going to be out and about on these vehicles. With the right safety techniques, they can be safe, but with new drivers, new vehicles and differences in driving techniques, accidents can happen.

Teens, adults and sometimes children can all drive all-terrain vehicles, golf carts, go-karts and even Jet Skis. The potential for danger is high, especially with younger drivers. Although some vehicles do not require licensing, it's important for everyone to be educated in how to drive their vehicles safely.

Your family may have the right to a wrongful death lawsuit

Losing a loved one is a difficult situation no matter how it happens. When that loss is at the hands of someone who could have prevented it, it makes the death all the more painful.

You and your family may decide that you want to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit to obtain compensation for your loved one's death. Perhaps you need to cover funeral costs or want to make sure your loved one's children are financially cared for now that their mother or father is gone.

Take these steps if you're in a crash with an uninsured driver

It is a crime to drive without a license or insurance. You know this, so you've always kept insurance on your vehicle and made sure to keep your license updated.

When you were in an accident, you expected to exchange insurance information, get a medical checkup and go home. Unfortunately, your case isn't that easy because the other driver doesn't have insurance. What can you do now? Will you end up having to pay the bill for your injuries and the damage to your vehicle?

1 killed in traffic accident in Alaska

Alaska is not always the cold, icy place that many believe it is, and in the summer, it can be tempting to go for a walk or drive thanks to the warmer weather. With these changes, there is more foot traffic to compete with vehicular traffic. This can lead to accidents in some cases, especially when drivers aren't aware of the possibility of pedestrians near or on the roads.

In a case in Alaska, a police officer was involved in a crash with two pedestrians. They were walking at around midnight, and it was dark outside. The officer was reportedly driving in his lane and had his lights on.

All-terrain vehicles pose their own specific risks to riders

The great thing about an all-terrain vehicle is that you can go places with it where a normal vehicle can't. Maybe that means going up the side of a steep mountain or over rough terrain. Whatever it means to you, you also know that the ATV is designed to protect you against additional hazards.

If an ATV isn't used correctly, then there is a high risk of injury. Children also drive ATVs, but because they are young and don't have the same cognitive or motor skills as adults, they may be at a greater risk of injury. Those who are injured could suffer head injuries or other wounds.

Mother sues village over negligent hiring that led to death

A village in Alaska has been sued after a teen passed away. The village, Selawik, now faces the lawsuit for the 16-year-old girl's death after she was allegedly sexually assaulted and killed by the village police officer.

According to the story, the person responsible for hiring the officer is accused in the lawsuit. The girl's death is allegedly a result of negligence when hiring safety officers through the Village Public Safety Officer (VPSO) program. The program is used primarily in Alaskan Native communities and remote areas where the Alaska state troopers may not be able to reach as easily.

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