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Social media has an impact on the youth today

One thing almost no one can escape from is the media. Children, teens and adults are all affected by the media, even if they don't realize it.

The media isn't all bad, and it's been shown that it doesn't necessarily lead children to do bad things. For instance, violent video games don't necessarily lead to violence outside video games.

Choosing the right car seat for your child

One of the reasons that children are meant to ride in car seats is because of the safety they provide in a crash. Most child passengers are required to remain in safety seats until they are large enough to sit in a passenger seat with the seat belt fastened correctly. Once the seat belt fits without the use of a booster seat, children can use safety belts on their own.

Choosing the correct car or booster seat is an important part of your child's safety in a car crash. Here's a little more about the safety seats you should use.

Woman gets justice through new legislation on unsecured loads

Unsecured loads are some of the most dangerous. When a truck or commercial vehicle has an unsecured load, it's possible that it could fall off the back of the truck or roll into the roadway. This could lead to accidents, injuries and deaths.

If a vehicle follows closely behind a truck that has an unsecured load, a car with a load strapped loosely to the top or any vehicle with any load that isn't secured tightly, there is a high risk of the load falling off. At high speeds, these become projectiles that can literally kill drivers by piercing through their windshields. Some items, especially larger ones, can lead to rollover crashes as they knock the vehicle off balance.

Man's death leads to wrongful death lawsuit in Alaska

A family in Alaska has filed a lawsuit against Alaskan authorities for the wrongful death of a loved one. According to a news report from Sept. 13, the police were involved in a shooting that occurred on Christmas Eve in 2017. A young man was killed after he was shot by Alaska State Troopers and the Fairbanks Police.

The family of the man has stated that it has become more difficult to gain access to information about the shooting. They believe that the lawsuit will go to the federal level. It is their wish to obtain body-cam footage, medical records, police reports and any other information or evidence collected on the day of the shooting.

Why are recreational vehicles prone to accidents?

Having your own recreational vehicle is a dream you've had for years. Now that you have one, it's important that you take precautions to stay safe on the roads. Before you ever drive, make sure that you understand the differences in these vehicles compared to traditional cars and trucks.

RVs are much larger than many traditional vehicles. People often get into accidents because of the size and weight of the RV. Keep your RVs height handy so that you don't accidentally hit a low bridge, for example, and know how much clearance do you need.

What happens if there isn't enough insurance coverage?

An accident with a motorist who doesn't have enough insurance is a problem that many victims have to face. They may have little choice but to turn to their own insurance for coverage or to sue the driver who hit them. As a victim, it's your right to know if the other party does or doesn't have insurance, so you can begin a claim.

Some people don't like to cause trouble for others, so they may not speak up if there is no coverage. Don't be that person. It's your right to receive compensation if you've been hurt by another party. If that person doesn't have enough coverage, you can then decide what you want to do.

Childhood injuries cost billions each year

Children who are hurt suffer in many ways physically and mentally, but they also have economic issues to deal with. As they age, they may have a lesser ability to work or bring in an income, and socially, they may have longer bouts of isolation or difficulty being part of a group.

What's most important in terms of support is making sure that children who get hurt have the financial support needed to survive later in life. Even if it's just an amount of money that compensates them for a shorter period of time, it needs to be enough to make a difference.

A recreational vehicle crash requires good insurance coverage

As the owner of a recreational vehicle, you should know that it requires its own special insurance. These vehicles have various designs that require special consideration by insurance companies.

If you drive an RV, having insurance is the key to staying safe and mobile on the road. You'll want to consider a few kinds of insurance, like replacement cost for personal effects, total loss replacement and emergency expense coverage. Many of these options will cover damages and injuries that happen when you're driving your own vehicle, without even considering the potential of an injury caused by another person.

Man killed on farm as a result of gunshot to the head

The wrongful death of any person is something no one should have to witness. Whether the fatal incident occurs because of a car crash or negligent act of another party, it's a family's right to seek out compensation for the loss of their loved one.

In one such case in Saskatchewan, the family of a man who was shot to death has filed lawsuits against the farmer and RCMP following an acquittal. The man, an indigenous Alaskan, was killed when he was shot in the head. The incident, which happened in August 2016, resulted in the landowner pleading not guilty after claiming the gun accidentally fired. He claimed he was attempting to scare younger people away from the farm, as he believed they had been stealing from him.

City pays out $275,000 to child hurt in physical education Class

A young child should never have to go through the struggles of a serious injury. It is a sad day for everyone when a child suffers a brain injury or other debilitating condition that makes it hard for them to talk, walk or otherwise interact like they used to.

Childhood injuries happen all the time, but they're not always under acceptable circumstances. Take, for example, this case involving a $275,000 settlement paid to the family of a child hurt in a school PE class.

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