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2016 statistics: Crashes take lives and lead to injuries

Car accidents happen nearly all the time. It's hard to drive down the street without seeing someone in a collision. Even if you don't see one, you likely know someone who was hurt in the last year or two.

Crashes happen for reasons ranging from poor driving habits, like eating behind the wheel, to medical emergencies. Winter weather, alcohol abuse and other factors also lead to a number of crashes each year.

In 2016, there were 34,439 crashes in the United States resulting in 37,461 fatalities. The 2016 statistics did not show a total number for injured parties, but in 2015, the total number of people injured was more than 2.4 million. These people suffered as a result of everything from negligence to outright disregard for safety.

Looking at daily reports, you will find that there are approximately 102 fatalities caused by traffic accidents each day in the United States. Twenty-nine of those fatalities are a result of alcohol-impaired driving. Another 16 fatalities are a result of pedestrian crashes.

When alcohol is involved, more fatalities take place. In 2016, 9,477 crashes were caused by alcohol-impaired driving. A total of 10,497 people died as a result of those crashes, leading to the deaths of 0.33 people per day. Around 27 percent of traffic crashes resulting in fatalities were caused by speeding. This is a similar total to 2015, also 27 percent, and 2014, which was 28 percent.

Crashes happen, but those responsible need to be held accountable. You can make a claim against a dangerous driver, so you can get the financial support you need as you recover.

Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, "Quick Facts 2016," accessed Jan. 03, 2018

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