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Intra-family torts protect you against accidents caused by family

It's bad enough to be involved in a car crash, but it's worse when the crash involves another member of your family. Maybe your spouse wrecked into you or your child hit your vehicle; whatever the case is, you're left in a difficult position.

You aren't sure what to do next. You're worried that you have no coverage at all. Your life seems like it's at a standstill.

What should you do? Do you make a claim? Are you even able to?

There are times in which making a claim is still important, even if it's against someone in your own family. For instance, if your spouse hits your vehicle and injures you, filing a claim against him may increase your insurance premiums but also gives you access to coverage through the insurance carrier. You'll be able to make a claim for your lost wages, medical bills and other needs, even though it was your own family member who hit you.

Even if it's only damage to your vehicle, making a claim helps prevent you from footing the bill, which would affect your family's finances significantly in the short term. Although the claim may increase your partner's insurance costs, an intra-family claim could still be the right call for your situation.

Alaskan law provides for situations like this. Family members can assert claims against their own insurance if they're hurt. The claim works in the same way it would if someone else hurt you. The only difference is that it was someone you know and care about who made the mistake that caused you harm. Accountability is important regardless of who was negligent, and insurance companies need to be fair and pay out compensation when accidents occur. You pay a premium monthly, so it's only fair to get the coverage you pay for. Our site has more on what to do next.

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