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Most wrong-way accidents happen at lower speeds

When you think of wrong-way driving accidents, or WWD crashes, you probably think of accidents on the interstate, which are likely to happen at 70 miles per hour or more. These crashes do happen and they're often deadly, so they tend to make it into the news.

However, when researchers studied how WWD accidents took place, what they found was that most actually happened at lower speeds. Only a mere 7% occurred between 61 and 70 miles per hour.

Here is the breakdown from the study:

  • 11.5% -- under 20 MPH
  • 24.7% from 21 to 30 MPH
  • 26.0% -- from 31-40 MPH
  • 18.2% from 41-50 MPH
  • 12.6% from 51-60 MPH
  • 7.0% from 61-70 MPH

Of course, this only ranks the speed, not where the accidents happened. They very well could have occurred on the interstate with a driver who was traveling well under the posted limit.

After all, alcohol use is common in these accidents and the confusion of driving while intoxicated may cause people to end up driving the wrong way in the first place. Drunk drivers also tend to drive under the speed limit as they try to stay in control of the vehicle.

Plus, you have to remember that WWD crashes are almost always head-on collisions, which massively increases the overall speed of the crash. This makes them some of the most dangerous accidents, even if one vehicle was going just 30 MPH.

Have you gotten injured in one of these accidents or lost a loved one? You may have a right to financial compensation for lost wages, medical bills and much more.

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