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Road defects could lead to a serious crash

Getting hurt on the road isn't anyone's idea of a good day, but it's bound to happen to many each day. One of the problems you could run into is damaged or faulty roads. For instance, if you reported deepening potholes on the highway on the way to your workplace and never saw them repaired before your crash, it could be that the authorities in charge of taking care of the roads could be held accountable for your accident.

Intra-family torts protect you against accidents caused by family

It's bad enough to be involved in a car crash, but it's worse when the crash involves another member of your family. Maybe your spouse wrecked into you or your child hit your vehicle; whatever the case is, you're left in a difficult position.

Fire chief puts life on the line to save victim in car crash

When an emergency medical worker, firefighter or other medical provider sees someone hurting, it's normal for him or her to put others first. This unusual story shows how important it is to some to put others before themselves, even when they're in life-threatening danger themselves.

Long wait times are concerns for victims far from hospitals

Imagine being involved in an accident but having nowhere to go. That's what it's like for millions of people in America who don't live close to hospitals. Not living close to the life-saving facilities can mean that injuries get worse without treatment and that those who might have been saved pass away due to the length of time it takes to get medical treatment.

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