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Will driverless vehicles save lives?

When most people think of driverless vehicles, they think of how incredible it will be to read a book or take a nap during their morning commutes to work. What they don't always consider are the amazing benefits that will come with autonomous vehicles once this technology matures. In fact, autonomous cars could virtually make car crashes a thing of the past.

What are the most dangerous types of car crashes?

As someone who has been in a car crash, one thought you may have had is how serious your crash could have been. Not all crashes are the same. After all, there are so many factors involved. Things like wearing a seat belt, getting hit in the front instead of the back and speed all play a role in how serious a collision is.

You can stay out of crashes with these 3 tips

Over the last several decades, the overall trend has been for car accidents resulting in fatalities to reduce yearly. However, between 2015 and 2016, the number of deaths caused by crashes suddenly increased significantly from 22,741 in passenger vehicles to 23,793. Car occupants are the most likely to be involved in a fatal crash, making it extremely important for drivers to be cautious on the roadways.

Teaching kids and teens: What to do in a car crash

Car crashes happen almost anywhere, and they immediately put a stop to whatever you were planning to do that day. You may have minor or serious injuries, depending on the crash, and you have to stay at the scene to handle what has just happened. If you have children, this is the point where you need to begin to assess your situation and call for help.

How can you mitigate the risks of winter driving?

Winter is a hazard in most U.S. states, but it's one that almost never leaves Alaska. Winter driving conditions, which include freezing rain, snow and ice all stay present in Alaska year-round. Depending on the conditions and where you're headed, these hazards could affect you on any drive you take.

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