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Texting and driving by the numbers

The reason that texting and driving continue to be a problem is that it's all too easy for many people to assume that it's "safe enough." They know that accidents happen, but they assume it won't happen to them. They may even think that the media makes a bigger deal out of the dangers than it should. They think they can text and drive safely, and so they keep doing it until they learn the hard way by getting into an accident.

'It won't happen to me' syndrome and car accidents

Have you ever seen someone doing something dangerous, warned them about it and then had them tell you that the negative outcome wouldn't happen to them? Maybe they like to dash across the road without going to a crosswalk, insisting they won't get hit. Maybe they like to go rock climbing without a rope, claiming they won't fall.

What kinds of automotive defects result in safety recalls?

There's no way to know in advance that you're about to purchase a defective automobile – and you could find yourself in possession of a "lemon," even if you buy an expensive luxury vehicle. Fortunately, in cases where a specific make and model of a car has dangerous problems associated with it, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) will mandate a recall that requires the manufacturer to carry out a free replacement or repair.

What is the top cause of death for children and young adults?

If you were to guess the leading cause of death in the world for children and young adults from 5 to 29, you'd probably be wrong. Most will think it's cancer, influenza or heart problems. In fact, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), car accidents are the top cause of death for this age group.

Pain and suffering compensation: What you should know

Getting seriously hurt in a motor vehicle accident implies that you are suffering and in pain. For this reason, if another party caused the accident and injuries, you might be able to pursue compensation related to your pain and suffering. This is in addition to claims for restitution for the cost of your medical care, lost income and other calculable financial damages.

Driving the speed limit could save your life

There are many "seemingly good" reasons to speed in your vehicle and even more "horribly bad" reasons to speed in your vehicle. When you consider why speed limits exist, hopefully you will never want to speed in your car again. So let's take a quick look at the most important reasons why, when the speed limit sign says 30, you should never drive an additional five or 10 mph over the limit.

Will driverless vehicles save lives?

When most people think of driverless vehicles, they think of how incredible it will be to read a book or take a nap during their morning commutes to work. What they don't always consider are the amazing benefits that will come with autonomous vehicles once this technology matures. In fact, autonomous cars could virtually make car crashes a thing of the past.

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