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How to talk to your injured child

When your child gets hurt and you're the first one on the scene, you need to know how to talk to them. This is true for minor and major injuries, everything from a scraped knee to broken bones. Getting them to calm down can help them mentally and physically at this time, and they need you to know what to do.

Internal injuries and bleeding: Signs to watch for in children

Young children have no way to tell you exactly how they feel after an accident or injury. It may be very clear to you that your 1-year-old is injured, but he or she can't put the issues into words. Even older children, who have a far better command of their language skills, often struggle to really explain how they feel or what is wrong.

How often do children fall?

Falls are one of the leading causes of injury for most age groups. Adults often fall on the job, such as construction workers who fall off of ladders. Older adults often slip and fall in the home, and they wind up in the emergency room.

After your child gets injured, here's how to talk to them

When a child suffers a serious injury, like a head injury, a traumatic brain injury (TBI) or a spinal cord injury, it can be hard for them to accept. It shakes the way that they see the world. They feel worried and nervous. They understand just how fragile and dangerous life can be.

Is that playground safe? Here are the statistics

Your children probably love recess and cannot wait to get out on the playground when they're at school. You probably have great memories of this time of freedom and fun from when you were in school. However, no matter how perfect it seems in your memories or how much your children love it now, you do have to ask yourself just how safe they are.

Drivers must be more cautious when children are at play

Drivers need to be careful not to hit pedestrians and bicyclists at all times. In fact, taking care to avoid accidents with pedestrians and cyclists is a matter of law for motor vehicle drivers, and this duty of care becomes higher when children are present.

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